Grad student survives Brussels terrorist attacks

Waiting at a gate in Brussels Airport in Zaventem, Belgium, McSwain Forkoh first realized something was wrong when he saw a horde of people running towards him. 

Forkoh, a first-year master’s student at the Sanford School of Public Policy, survived the March 22 Brussels Airport bombing, which occurred as he was returning to the U.S. after visiting family in Liberia. During the attack, members of the extremist Islamic State group detonated two deadly bombs in the departure hall of the airport, killing more than 30 individuals and becoming the deadliest terror attack in Belgian history. Initially, Forkoh said he thought that the group of people rushing toward him had missed their flights, but then he heard security personnel shouting orders to run toward the back of the terminal.

“They told us to drop our bags, so I dropped my laptop, my bag, everything,” Forkoh said. “We all started running.” 

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